Backwater Bite Picking Up As Water Warms

March 13, 2023

I’ve been noticing on my back water trips that the Seatrout size are getting a bit bigger, and that we’re starting to catch them over flooding oyster beds, rather than just in the deeper water. Last week we caught our biggest Seatrout to date, a 20.5″ on live shrimp in 6′ of water. We were actually in a small creek in about 3′ of water, pitching the deeper edge of about 8′ of water. Along that edge we were getting small Reds but a handful that were in the Slot size. I found that on a  high and incoming tide I could drift  a fixed float with about a 3′ leader and 3/0 circle hook baited with live shrimp over some flooding shell bottom and pick up the Seatrout.  We also caught 4 Flounder on one trip, but they were all about 13″. But good to see them beginning to bite more.