City of Fernandina Beach beach access’s

City of Fernandina Beach beach access’s – there are well over two dozen beach access’s maintained by the City of Fernandina Beach. Beginning at Main Beach, heading south on Fletcher there are a number of access’s with parking, while there are also a number that can only be accessed if you are walking from your residence or condo.  Here’s a good City list of the access’s and  Here’s a Map.  

On beaches that have lifeguards, there should be some yellow poles to the north and south of the guarded beach. Anglers need to stay outside of those poles. On unguarded beaches, anglers can fish anywhere.

There are a number of Beach rules that you should be aware of, Here’s a good link that lists those rules.

For the most part, heavier gear should be used, fishing bottom rigs with Pyramid sinkers or Sputnik sinkers, baited with live shrimp, dead shrimp, or cut bait.

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