Dee Dee Bartels Park

Dee Dee Bartels Park boat ramp is located up north 14th Street at 97177 Pogy Place, Fernandina Beach, Fl. 32034. It is a Nassau County park, open to the public, open 24 hours, and there is no admission or launch fee. It is a triple lane, paved ramp in good condition. The parking lot is paved and there is good lighting. There are approximately 50 parking/trailer spaces. There is handicap access to the pier where fishing is allowed. There are floating docks that can accommodate four boats. Access to the Amelia River, Tiger Basin, Jetties, and off shore. There are restrooms, a large pavilion, and BBQ park grills.

Notes to be aware of:  Although there is “no wake” signs posted north and south of the ramp, they are commonly ignored. Try not to  leave your boat unattended at the docks because the boat wakes will damage your boat. If you have anyone that is unstable on their feet, they should not be down on the dock or gangway without assistance. The same goes for unloading young or older guests on your boat – be aware that a large wake may rock your boat, the dock, and the gangway.

Looking NW up the Amelia River/Intercoastal