Good Tips for Surf Fishing for Whiting

March 9, 2023

This report from angler John Givens “fishing the surf for Whiting”….

The key is location and moving – if I’m not getting bit within 15 minutes, I move say 50 yards down the beach. Always looking for run outs. My improvement this year for whiting has been to use a #2 circle hook, a single drop rig, light leader and casting closer to shore. I was frequently getting bit, but not hooked up with a 1/0. I’ve had the most action the last 2 hours of the outgoing tide. I’m fishing mid island areas using a 3 to 4 oz pyramid. No need to use a sputnik lately. Shrimp by itself has been all that is needed but I will attach a small piece of Fishbite and /or Pro-cure to see if it makes a difference.

As a side story, several years ago after listening to a long casting lesson I went out and threw my baits out as far as I could. Didn’t get a bite. After several hours I got in the truck and moved several miles. I ran into a friend and his 5 kids. As I lamented about having no fish my friend said each of them had caught several fish and several different species including whiting, pompano and trout. Most of the kids were young and couldn’t cast more than 25 yards. I should have taken this info and always kept a rod out close to shore then instead of a few years later!