Huge King Mackerel Just Off The Beach


Captain Scott Thompson with Pipedream Charters reported this huge King Mackerel catch…

After cast netting pogies on the beach we headed toward the north side of the north jettie.  Stopping a quarter mile short of the red bouy we started slow trolling.  Bait was busting everywhere and i knew there had to be a smoker along the rocks.  The best tide for trolling the jetties is the incoming but we were a few minutes late and it had already started to go out. But just maybe, just maybe there would be a  big one hanging around the bait pods!  After ten minutes of slow trolling she struck and smoked the reel for at least 100 yards.  After setting the drag Ronnie, the mate handed Shane’s daughter the rod and she worked it perfectly.  After a good 25 minutes and tediously working the fish the first mate stuck it with the gaff.  This King would have paid in any tournament!