Kingfish Bite Continues To Be HOT!

Josh and his family of eight wanted to do some near shore fishing. Of course there are no captains in the area that can carry more than 6 passengers, so myself (Capt Scott Thompson and Pipe Dream Charters) and Capt. Steve Hair of the Ye Ole Pirate split the group into two parties of four.  After cast netting for pogies, ” The preferred bait for Kings”, Pipe Dream III began trolling for Kings. The Bonita were thick and we knew there should be a smoker nearby and it didn’t take long for the Shimano reel to start screaming .  After a couple of hard runs and some excellent rod handling by the client Pipe Dream’s mate brought a nice King on board.  Continuing to troll Josh and his family put a few more Kings, Spanish and Bonita in the box.  Capt. Steve Hair had a lot of action with Blue fish, Sharks and a nice Cobia.
Thank you
Capt. Scott Thompson
Pipe Dream Charters