Putting The Time In Pays Off

Oct 2022

When folks ask me about fly fishing at Amelia Island I usually tell them that it can be tough, but very rewarding when you finally get that big fish on a fly. If you’re targeting Redfish in the grass, the time of year has to be right; the time of day has to be right; the tide has to be high enough; you have to find some fish “tailing”; you have to get close enough to cast to the fish; you have to make the cast on target; and you have to hope that the fish finds your flies AND eats it! It seems that once you hookup you’re 3/4 way thru the battle! But boy is it rewarding when you land that fish!

I spoke with local angler Scott Moss who had posted some fly fishing surf fishing pics on a Facebook site – one of those pics was of Scott holding a nice Redfish that he had caught out of the surf on a fly. Scott was by no means confident that he had figured it all out, but he agreed to talk to me about some of his experiences surf fishing with a fly rod.  He was using a 8w outfit lined with  1.2ips sinking Wolfe Triangle Taper line and the fly was a hand-tied Clouser minnow in Chartreuse and “disco” colors (reddish bronze). Scott said he has put a lot of time in trying to figure out the beach/surf fishing with a fly rod which included walking the beach and observing the fish he sees in the water, which included Rays and Sharks – and as it appears, Redfish!  One thing he noted, but still has to confirm, it seemed that when he saw Black Tip Sharks he tended to see Redfish and his theory is that the Sharks were pushing the Reds in closer.

On this particular day Scott said he only saw two Reds (and this is where experience comes in) – you’ve got to be able to cast! As Scott said, “you’ve got to be able to throw some line”!  He doesn’t do a whole lot of “false casting”, if any. Scott said he saw the fish, made his cast and on the 2nd strip the big Redfish “SMACKED IT”.  After a lot of time put in to studying the surf and walking the beach and observing the water, Scott finally had a successful day and brought in a “Cool Fish”! Congratulations Scott!

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