Sawpit Seatrout

November 18, 2022

While waiting for  my charter customer this morning I was able to talk to a few shore anglers who seemed to be doing pretty good – they caught and landed a couple of Seatrout while I watched! Note that the tide was going out and still had a few hours until it hit bottom. One anglers was using a weighted DOA Shrimp, white with a chartreuse tail while another was using a red 3/8oz jig head with a “christmas tree” color grub. They were tossing their baits as far as they could out and up current, letting it go to the bottom, then they let the current bounce it along the bottom. The key to this is to keep your line tight – if there is any slack you won’t feel the “bump”. But a ight line, especially braid, you’ll feel that trout “bump” or tap it – tighten up and give a quick hookset.  Sometimes when you tighten up it will feel heavy – set the hook! They noted that they liked this early morning outgoing tide, but if they’re biting, they’ll bite on an incoming tide also. Just toss your bait up current!