Trout Fishing at Amelia Island

Three of us old Fernandina High football players get together each year -Class of 1975 and 1976, -and we usually do pretty good in the “catching” department, and yesterday was no different. We had met out at Goffinsville Park, Tony French, Daniel “Bubba” Rhodes and with a tide that had been coming in for a few hours already, we made our way around to some docks to toss jigs and live shrimp. Fishing the pilings we had a few bites, and only a couple of takes but when we set up out deeper we began to get fish. Most were Seatrout and a couple of them were of keeper size. We also picked  up a good tasting Whiting.

We ran down to Spanish Drop and fished a flooded shell bank, first with the jigs, then with float rigs, but no avail. Our next stop was over at Pumpkin Hill, no tossing float rigs exclusively, and again we caught a few Seatrout. We were almost out of bait and had just a few bits and pieces so we fished between two docks at Nassauville with the jigs, and basically fed the baitstealers the last of hour bait.

But we had time on our hands and the tide was just staring out so we voted to make the run north to Old Town Bait and Tackle and re-bait! It had been “cool” all day and the breeze had picked up and it was overcast – the river was a bit choppy and we were glad to pull into the shelter of Egans Creek. After re-baiting we ran over to Lanceford Creek and around to a grass patch where we began to catch more Seatrout, a couple of them of keeper size, one of which was right at 18″. We then fished Soap Creek where we got a few more Trout and Daniel battled a keeper sized Redfish to the boat -the first of the day,’

We finished the day fishing some docks back at Egans Creek and here we got into some feisty Redfish – we caught about 6-8, one of which Tony caught, just slightly bigger than  Daniels. Daniel also added a small Sheepshead to the catch to make it a “Slam” and he also added another keeper Whiting. We then made the long run back to Goffinsville and counted it as another great day to be fishing with friends here at Amelia Island, Florida.